The radiofrequency is the most effective method to reduce the sagging facial skin (periorbital region, oval face), neck, décolleté and body parts (belly, arms, inner thighs).

The emission of electromagnetic waves at high frequency passing through the skin and that generates heat in the subcutaneous tissue,   stimulates collagen growth in the long term and tightens existing collagen fibers, giving the skin a firmer and more tense.


Radiofrequency is especially useful in the fight against sagging skin (oval face, neck, cheeks and wrinkled  appearance of crow’s feet, belly, arms………)
Can be used for all kind of skin.
Can be used all season.


You applied a handpiece on the skin , after preliminary application of anesthetic cream or blocking by cold air .
The number of sessions to treat oval face and neck, stomach, arms varies from 1 to 8 sessions 


The  session ends unbranded or with only some redness and swelling passengers (24 or 48 hours).
The result are visible, on average, from the 3rd session.
Following the indication, you can get a smooth look, improved elasticity and tone, a strengthened oval, a “healthy glow” effect.
In general, the results improve for a few month after the end of the program.
They are durable in time.
It maintains the result with one session every 3 or 4 months.


  • Pace Maker + + +
  • Material Osteosynthesis (next areas to be treated)
  • Pregnancy
  • Upper eyelids
  • Skin Cancers
  • Corticosteroids long term treatement
  • Deficient immune System : DRUG or AIDS
  • Not recommended in the case of rosacea and skin lesions


These are certainly the future techniques to fight against sagging skin without surgery.

Few other technical act in this direction.

The results can be spectacular .


Face :      150 USD                                                                       MEMBERSHIP CARD        49 USD 

Body :    1 zone     100 USD

               2 zone     150 USD

               3 zone     200 USD


Session :  15 to 20 mn by zone
Number  of sessions :  6 or 8 as appropriate
1 session by week the first month , and then  1 session every 15 days the following month

Maintenance sessions:
1 booster every 6 monthes (face)
2 or 3 sessions per year (body)